SAM Seamless Network AWS Workspaces Case Study

About SAM Seamless Network

Founded in 2016, SAM Seamless Network is a cybersecurity technology platform that protects the connected home, by tackling cyber security threats at the source. The network gateway is the nexus of all communication between IoT devices, and by effectively securing this critical access point SAM enables ISPs to ensure their customers can embrace the connected home safely and securely

The Challenge

SAM Seamless Network wanted to deploy a cloud workspace solution.

The company wanted the solution to integrate with their AD service in Azure, and deployed with Terraform in their custom built AWS landing zone

The Solution

Cloudzone designed a secure and scaleable solution to deploy AWS Workspaces. We took care of all aspects of setting up an environment from scratch, integrated to their Active Directory service and 3rd party solutions. We delivered a well documented Terraform code and custom modules to meet all of the security and identity management requirements, all stored in CodeCommit.


Elad Kirmayer, DevOps & IT – Group Manager @ SAM Seamless Network

Cloudzone has a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. They are quite an asset to any company looking for help with their AWS infrastructure as code projects. Whenever I have a question, I know that my Cloudzone teammates will be there to answer it, no matter what time of day it is. They truly do work 24/7 for their customers.