AWS Managed Services Provider

AWS Managed Services Provider

CloudZone offers managed services at its best practice and helps customers to get the most from their AWS cloud platform. As an AWS Managed Services provider, CloudZone handles management services on a daily basis so customer organizations can focus on improving their services without worrying or consuming operational hours about extended system downtimes or service interruptions.


CloudZone offers modular services that allow customers to have a whole cycle covering of 

  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Change Management  
  • FinOps Management  
  • Security and Access Management 
  • Business Continuity Management 


CloudZone’s MSP utilizes AWS managed services thus leveraging the shared responsibility model Customized cloud-managed services are the best and proactive solution for our customers to be focused on their business and leverage improved services of high quality with accurately managed services. 


“The AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) program validates AWS Partners with a proven track record and experience, providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey, including planning and design, building and migration, operations and support, and automation and optimization.

To achieve the AWS MSP designation, you need to complete an extensive independent audit to ensure your business health and technical capabilities meet a high bar.

For prescriptive guidance on how to build a successful AWS MSP practice and achieve the program designation, download the brochure. Explore benefits, success stories and how to get started below. “ 


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