CloudZone Well-Architected Framework Assessment

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What is AWS Well-Architected Framework?

AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of rules and best practices provided by AWS to ensure that your Cloud-based systems are well built and maintained in terms of operations, security, costs and high sustainability.

Our main goal is to support and advise customers so they comply with those AWS best practices, and to make sure their Cloud environment is meeting those set of standards by conducting regular technical reviews on their environment using cloud native tools.

Why is it critical?

When your architecture adheres to the Well-Architected Framework, you can rest assured that your Cloud infrastructure is secure, durable and flexible and has high performance. 

What is included in this process?

With that goal in mind, CloudZone conducts regular technical reviews using Cloud-native tools such as AWS Well-Architected Tool.This entails responding to questionnaires about your environment and its day-to-day operations. The questions are divided into 6 sections or in other words, also known as pillars.

Operational Excellence focuses on automating mechanisms and monitoring systems to provide business value through continuous process improvement.



Security emphasizing the paramount importance of security, data integrity, and confidentiality. This is achieved through measures such as data encryption to safeguard information.



Reliability centers on durability, high availability, and the planning of recovery capabilities for your organizational systems. It also addresses how you manage changes to meet your business and customer requirements.


Performance Efficiency, represents the need for efficient and prudent resource usage to attain performance that aligns with system requirements.



Cost Optimization, focuses on managing the overall costs of your account, controlling and gaining insights into your cloud expenses and their allocation.



Sustainability, is concerned with managing the environmental impacts and energy consumption of your systems in the most efficient way possible.



Why us?

At CloudZone, we are experienced AWS partners, with a team of tried-and-true experts in the fields of auditing, building and consulting on Cloud environments.  Thanks to our unprecedented experience, you can benefit from best-in-class audits and cutting edge consulting, which makes reaching a well-architected environment a quick and smooth process.

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