A Government Office innovating with AWS Chime

A Government office based in Jerusalem, with service units spread across Israel wanted to accelerate their cloud adoption.

They had an urgent need to deploy a custom, secure, scalable cloud video conferencing solution. They were looking for a certified Nimbus partner to help setting up a Landing Zone, bridge the knowledge gap with training, and design an architecture for the video conferencing solution.

CloudZone offered the Government office a tailored solution, that covers every stage of their cloud migration, using the AWS MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) 3-step methodology

Our experts designed a AWS Chime SDK-based solution and microsevices application based on EKS and Serverless solution. We started with a automatic deployment of Landing Zone using Cloudzone propriety solution based on terrafrom , enabling a flexible and secure infrastructure, according to AWS best practices.

The project went well, and the collaboration between the customer and our delivery teams bonded both teams.

At the end of the project, customer asked CloudZone for continued support and maintenance, since the customer needs to focus on building and training an internal CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence).

CloudZone provided the customer a full MSP bundle for Monitoring, managing incidents, change management, FinOps services, and SOC services.