50% Reduction in Cloud spend


Founded in 2020, NoName Security is a platform that allows enterprises to view and secure managed and unmanaged APIs. Users can protect their APIs from data leakage, authorization issues, abuse, misuse, and data corruption without agents or network modifications.


The Challenge

Noname was facing skyrocketing costs while underutilizing resources. When VP of R&D Aner Morag took over Noname’s CloudOps, he realized that low environments like development and automations were rapidly growing out of proportion. He wanted to take immediate action  and cut down costs. In turn, their Noname’s biggest challenge was to find ways to control costs and eliminate the waste of resource wastages in their environments. Some of his staff members had a very good experience with Cloudzone’s FinOps team in the past, so he reached out to Cloudzone to walk him through the process of applying the FinOps framework.


Our Solution

One of our FinOps experts partnered with Noname stakeholders and engaged in a series of staged mini-projects that spanned over 3 weeks to deliver an automated solution for scheduling EC2 instances, tag-based EBS cleanup, and Elastic IP cleanup.
Next, the team tackled the business aspect and found that a 1-year savings plan commitment for computing could cover 50% of optimized resources and add another 10% to its total savings!


The Result

CloudZone helped Noname reach their target of 50% savings per month by eliminating unnecessary costs and recovering underutilized resources. We assisted in identifying areas where Noname could save money and defined 4 main waste sources:

  1. On-demand EC2 instances used by the development team were running 24/7
  2. There were unattached EBS volumes that required cleanup 
  3. There were unused elastic IPs that required cleanup
  4. All EC2 instances were in On-Demand pricing 

Aner Morag, VP of R&D Noname Security shared this positive feedback, “CloudZone helped me gain the trust of internal stakeholders by defining clear KPIs and a clear ROI for the projects. Their FinOps team is top-notch. We have seen our monthly EC2 expense drop by over 50%! They are always there to help you out and never let you down.”