Couldn’t Attend the IL Cloud Summit? Here’s What You Missed

We had an incredible time at the IL Cloud Summit! In celebration of Israel’s new Google Cloud IL region. Cloud natives, newbies, and industry leaders came together to learn how to make the best of Google Cloud. The event served as an opportunity to discover how Google Cloud can help enterprise companies and public sector organizations innovate further, make smarter data-driven decisions, scale to improve customer service and enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud according to a business’ unique standpoint. 

If you couldn’t make it to the event, you missed out, but we’ve got you covered! Here’s what the CloudZone team enjoyed the most:

  • Riveting insights from the keynote speaker
    Boaz Maoz, Managing Director of Google Cloud Israel, joined the stage to share insights on how Google Cloud is helping businesses gear up for the future, adapt to today’s challenges, and build new opportunities. He shared information on exciting new product launches and how they can help customers accelerate digital transformation. Attendees felt inspired to build for the future, and of course – celebrate the launch of the new Google Cloud Region in Israel.
  • Technical sessions and demos
    Google Cloud product experts, engineers and industry leaders (including our own experts at CloudZone) delivered technical sessions and demos about data, AI, and security. Those who attended got the opportunity to learn about the vital tools necessary to develop, deploy, and manage data pipelines and ML models at any scale. The audience discovered how to run and operate securely, and defend an organization’s infrastructure against emerging threats at a modern scale. We got to experience these solutions live as our experts showcased them directly from the stage!
  • We learned to build fast data analytics – in minutes
    Event attendees learned how to build fast data analytics with open source and Google Cloud Platform, in a 15-minute session entitled, ‘From collection to insight in minutes’. We were walked through a use-case taking live data from Helsinki’s transport network to show how a complete real-time data streaming pipeline—from collection to insights—can be created in a matter of minutes using familiar infrastructure-as-code and visualization tools – fusing the best of open-source data infrastructure with the power of Google Cloud Platform.

Game time!

Those who were after a little fun couldn’t resist joining the fast-paced, hands-on lab gaming experience. We got to test our skills against other engineers and developers in a friendly competition to become a Cloud Hero! Cloud Hero games ran all day long, on topics such as infrastructure, Kubernetes, security, and BigQuery. Each gameplay lasted 45 minutes,  and the first three people to complete the Challenge Lab of each game were crowned the winners and received SWAG!

Every participant received free 30 days of access to Google Cloud Skills Boost to complete the associated Google Cloud Skill Badge. Skill Badges are shareable credentials that recognize one’s ability to solve real-world problems with cloud knowledge.

The event was a colossal success, and the CloudZone team couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate the Cloud built for Israel. Enterprise organizations and public sector companies can finally dream, build, and scale in ways that were once only possible for Israeli high tech companies. The launch of the new Cloud region will require more organizations to build an infrastructure of automated landing zones. CloudZone is proud to offer this service as the growing demand for Cloud services in Israel continues to expand. Get in touch with our team of experts about your unique Cloud requirements.