Google Cloud GKE Deep Dive

Meetup on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (YouTube Video, Hebrew)


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All you need to know about the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and the addition features and values on top of Kubernetes.
Understand how GKE integrates with the Google Cloud Platform’s different services in the aspects of Networking (GKE network modes), Compute, Storage, Authentication & Authorization, Monitoring & Logging


This Meetup took place at Google offices in Tel-Aviv in August, 2018


GKE Related Terms you should be Familiar with


  • Master Node – K8s system components: kube-apiserver, kube-scheduler and kube-controller
  • Worker Node – Kubelet / kube-proxy & user workloads
  • kube-apiserver – Kubernetes api for user / components
  • Kube-scheduler – Decides where to place Pods
  • Kube-controller – Controllers loops (e.g. RCs, HPAs)
  • Pod – group of container/s
  • RCs – manages group of PODs of the same spec
  • Service – static VIP / LB for a RC’s pods (endpoints)



GKE Basic Info


  • GKE, GCP’s managed K8s offering exists since 2015
  • GKE is the most matured managed K8s service
  • GKE manages masters lifecycle (not listed as nodes)