Enso’s Global Scaling Accelerated through SaaS Transformation and AWS Marketplace Listing

About Enso

Enso is a cutting-edge platform designed by application security professionals for application security professionals. Its ASPM (application security posture management) solution enables  AppSec teams to manage, scale and govern a mature AppSec program without interfering with development. Enso recognizes the immense potential of eliminating tactical work and simplifying visibility. To achieve this, the platform consolidates data, eliminating barriers in searching and tracking, and integrates seamlessly with native collaboration tools, reducing and optimizing manual work.


Enso faced the challenge of scaling rapidly and seamlessly while minimizing time-to-market. Their existing traditional software required significant infrastructure investments and manual installations. Staying in a traditional structure would demand a larger team to allow on-site installation. This would require building a robust sales and support team in every region where the company has operations. This approach would make it impossible to have any flexibility regarding IT resources, meaning the company would need to purchase IT resources ahead of time in order to have them available during the highest peak of demand. These resources would then be unutilized in lower demand times. Recognizing the limitations of this approach, the Enso team understood that a SaaS model could better handle increased user demand across regions without worrying about hardware limitations.Additionally, Enso needed to address security and data privacy concerns associated with transitioning to a SaaS model, ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR.


CloudZone swiftly identified the solution for Enso’s needs. Since Enso’s platform offers Cloud security, it was a great fit and the natural step to list their product in the AWS Marketplace. This would provide them exposure exactly to the type of potential customers that already work in the Cloud and are looking for AppSec solutions – across regions. Leveraging our team’s expertise, we worked closely with Enso to understand their requirements and offered them the option to list their product through our CloudZone Seller Account. During the assessment phase, we asked relevant questions to address SaaS, infrastructure, and business aspects. CloudZone listed Enso’s Security SaaS in the AWS Marketplace and provided ongoing support, including 24/7 monitoring of their cloud infrastructure. Our proactive approach ensured the smooth operation of Enso’s platform, resolving any issues or bottlenecks that arose.

Here is a detailed overview of the process we undertook:

SaaS Readiness Assessment:

We conducted comprehensive meetings to assess Enso’s readiness for SaaS adoption and charted a clear path forward. This phase evaluated the feasibility of listing Enso’s product, created a roadmap based on best practices, and assessed their readiness to leverage SaaS technology effectively.


Based on the assessment phase and the work plan derived from it, we facilitated the SaaSification process. We collaborated with Enso to develop their SaaS solution, ensuring adherence to AWS best practices. Enso’s existing SaaS solution underwent fine-tuning to optimize its performance within the AWS environment.

Product Listing:

Following the assessment and fine-tuning, we listed Enso’s product on the AWS Marketplace. We took care of the entire listing process, including creating the listing, configuring pricing and licensing, testing, submitting it for review, and ultimately publishing the listing. Our team of experts utilized CloudFormation stack to seamlessly integrate with the AWS Metering tool, enabling efficient tracking and reporting of Enso’s product usage.


By harnessing CloudZone’s extensive knowledge of AWS services and our commitment to delivering efficient solutions, Enso successfully transformed their software into a scalable SaaS platform. Thanks to the highly skilled AWS Solutions Architects and certified DevOps engineers assigned by CloudZone to oversee the end-to-end modernization process, this was accomplished within 50% of the usual timeframe, saving Enso no less than 150 hours. 


Enso’s security platform is now fully operational within the secure AWS environment. This modernization enables Enso to scale their platform effortlessly based on demand while maintaining minimal costs. The utilization of native AWS services ensures robust security measures and provides a solid foundation for Enso’s secure environment. Additionally, CloudZone facilitated the seamless onboarding of Enso’s SaaS solution to the AWS Marketplace, significantly expediting the sales cycle. This integration allows Enso to reach a wider customer base – potentially reaching 1 million people worldwide using AWS Marketplace. Their sales cycle has also been reduced by 30% and their infrastructure costs have decreased by 50%, thanks to transitioning to a SaaS model. 

We have reduced our sales cycle by 30% by leveraging the AWS platform, and our infrastructure costs have decreased by 50% considering we have been selling our platform as software (SW) rather than as SaaS,” stated Roy Erlich, Enso Co-Founder, and CEO.