Intezer has created the largest genetic cyber threat database. Intezer detects mutations of any malware or cyber threat seen in history by recognizing even the slightest amount of malicious code reuse. This technology is helping companies evolve with the threats they face by analyzing, detecting, and tracking the latest variants and threat actors.

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The Challenge

Currently The customer is facing operational issues with an unstable environment and hard maintenance. Also, the cost is higher than expected. Intezer is looking for a scalable and cost-optimized solution.

The challenge is to migrate the current Elasticsearch clusters from cluster managed on Ec2 to AWS OpenSearch following scalability and security best practices with good cost-performance.

The Solution

CloudZone’s team is heavily invested in open source as a mantra. Aside from cloud vendor services and 3rd party solutions which we deliver, we also work with many open source tools, especially in the area of data processing & analytics, among them Elasticsearch. The Data team has dedicated Certified Elasticsearch engineers which are thoroughly familiar with all kinds of Elasticsearch offerings, now including the new OpenSearch by AWS. The Intezer ElasticSearch cluster will be deployed in a scalable, secure and cost-optimized architecture. The data migration plan is based on the Data Migration requirement per cluster and Business Impact.

The results

Clusters were migrated successfully without down time. The migration was aligned with the business requirements and the new deployed clusters follow the AWS reference architecture and best practices