Maximizing Revenue: The Power of AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a New Stream of Revenue for SaaS Startups and Tech Companies – and the Benefits are Game-changing 


As a startup or tech organization, you’re on the lookout for new revenue streams, but you may be missing out on a substantial opportunity to get exactly that.  AWS Marketplace is an initiative by AWS that lets SaaS startups and tech companies get in front of AWS customers globally. Marketplace offers companies an alternative revenue stream – a new, effective sales channel to sell your solutions to AWS customers and scale internationally. The recent market downturn has been a cause for concern for many startups worldwide, but for those seeking a respite, AWS Marketplace could be a much-needed sigh of relief.

This journey to expansion, however, can be tedious if you’re not familiar with it – and that’s where we at CloudZone step in. Our team of experts ensures that the entire process is as smooth as possible, so you can focus on what matters most – your core business. 

One million potential customers for your SaaS solution

With one million potential customers on AWS’ database in 25 regions, it’s a no-brainer – the platform is abundant in opportunities for tech companies to expand their reach. Our mission at CloudZone is to help simplify the journey. Our team of experts and convenient automated processes enable you to reduce your time to deployment. Apart from simplifying the buying and selling process and reducing time spent on procurement processes, you’ll be able to unlock co-sell opportunities leveraging CloudZone’s AWS presence and extensive customer base for a widespread, global reach.

We help you meet the requirements. If your organization’s solution is not already a SaaS solution – or is, but doesn’t already adhere to AWS’ guidelines, we’ve got you covered. The CloudZone team is at your service to help convert it into one.

Get in front of a global audience in just 5 steps

“Where do I even begin?” is a common question from organizations looking to list on AWS Marketplace, and why CloudZone introduces a helpful step-by-step approach to getting started:

Step 1: SaaS Readiness Assessment

Step 2: SaaSification

Step 3: Product listing (SaaS/AMI/PS)

Step 4: Marketplace Enablement

Step 5: Marketplace seller as a service – optional 

Take your AWS Marketplace game to the next level with MaaS (Marketplace as a Service)

Once you’ve completed our SaaScribe process and your solution is successfully listed on AWS Marketplace, you can continue working with us. This is an (optional) ongoing consulting service dedicated to maintaining and optimizing your SaaS solution on the Marketplace platform. For a one-time fee, the CloudZone team will provide you with ongoing support managing your SaaS solution, quarterly technical consulting sessions, and metric analysis to make your AWS Marketplace listing experience hassle-free. We promote your solutions on our site and customer portal – providing global reach, and support on your go-to-market strategy (such as joint promotion on CloudZone social media, etc.).

Your AWS Marketplace listing is an avenue to endless opportunities in a fragile economic market. Why embark on the journey alone, especially when the path can be time-consuming? Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business! We at CloudZone help accelerate your business and drive customer acquisition at scale by listing your solution in AWS Marketplace – taking the lead and simplifying the process.

Contact a member of our team today to get started.