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    A Faster Alternative to Firewalls

    An innovator in data center and cloud security, Guardicore delivers more accurate and effective ways to secure critical applications than legacy firewalls and VLANs. Built for the agile enterprise, Guardicore’s solutions offer greater security and visibility in the Cloud, data-center and endpoint.

    Guardicore Centra reduces your attack surface and prevents lateral movement. This solution enables you to quickly and easily visualize and secure on-premise and Cloud workloads, with human-readable views of your complete infrastructure – from the data center to the Cloud – and fast, intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation.


    Guardicore Centra enables: 

    • Infrastructure & risk visualization – see how applications function and communicate in detail
    • Mapping – map application dependencies and flows to identify security gaps
    • Simplification of security policies – create granular segmentation policies that work across all platforms and environments, based on a process level
    • Accelerated threat detection & response – apply multiple techniques to detect and respond to threats quickly


    • Low cost – eliminate expensive firewall hardware upgrades and operating expenses
    • Reduced complexity – infrastructure-agnostic approach works consistently across any environment, platform, or operating system
    • Reduced risk – granular segmentation policies prevent lateral movement within your data center and Cloud environments
    • Faster innovation – security is integrated into DevOps and IT automation workflows without creating obstacles or requiring application changes
    • Integrates with all Cloud platform and hybrid infrastructure

    Guardicore & CloudZone 

    With a global reputation, Guardicore compliments our overall offering when creating end-to-end design for enterprise customers adopting and migrating workloads to cloud.

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    Guardicore solutions are relevant to customers in any Cloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle etc.), using virtual machines, bare metal and containers.