AWS CloudOps by CloudZone

As an AWS Premier Partner who manages more than 300 AWS environments, we understand that managing your cloud environment from an operational aspect can be challenging and time-consuming. To allow our customers to focus on their actual business we have created tools for Cloud Operations on AWS.

Our highly experienced team offers monitoring services for your AWS account, which tracks both your infrastructure and your applications that are hosted on your AWS cloud account. We operate 3rd party tools that allow us to visualize, analyze metrics/logs and track your AWS account resources.

CloudZone proactively identifies issues, troubleshoots problems, optimizes performance, and integrates AWS services like CloudWatch to obtain deeper insights into our customer’s system behavior. Our advanced monitoring tools allow us to quickly respond to any incidents and minimize their impact on our customers, 24/7.

We operate our own FinOps team of experts who provide consultancy around best practices and cost optimization of your AWS environment.

Our FinOps services include:

  • Training around cost optimization best practices and approaches, as well as basic training for 3rd party visibility tools.
  • Saving Recommendations – We will proactively provide you with reports on potential savings, required actions, and tasks to help you maintain a FinOps culture.
  • Visibility & BI Platform – Our team will create tailor-made reports which will be automatically sent to the relevant stakeholders, and show resources and service costs.
  • Commit Services – We will create a commitment strategy and apply RI and Saving Plans commitment recommendations to reduce short and long terms costs.
  • Governance & Monitoring – We will define life cycle rules and automatic procedures to control costs, and implement policies. We will also define a threshold budget, set alerts, and tag all relevant resources in your
  • Pricing Model KPIs – We will break down your Cloud costs into business units so you can easily understand how your costs are allocated to the different products in your organization.