CloudZone’s Landing Zone supports future expansion workloads

About FTA

The Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority is an independent governmental authority established by the Consumer Protection Law of 1981. The authority is responsible for: monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the Law; investigating violations and bringing offenders to justice; initiating procedures of administrative enforcement; handling complaints; conducting surveys and research; handling other consumer protection issues that are not the responsibility of other authorities.


Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority have decided to implement a solution to reduce unwanted telemarketing phone calls to Israeli citizens.

The solution called “Do Not Call” provides a platform for Israeli citizens to post the phone numbers they own that they don’t want to receive telemarketing phone calls to. It also provides a platform for all the Israeli companies that have telemarketing to pull the list of numbers that they shouldn’t call.

The Solution

CloudZone’s Landing Zone is a well-architected, multi-account AWS environment that is scalable and secure. This is a starting point from which your organization can quickly launch and deploy workloads and applications with confidence in its security and infrastructure environment. Building a landing zone involves technical and business decisions to be made across account structure, networking, security and access management in accordance with your organization’s growth and business goals for the future.

CloudZone will manually deploy Landing Zone well-architected. CloudZone will also manually deploy OU “DNC” and three accounts under that OU for production, staging and development. In all three accounts, we will deploy all services needed for governance, security and visibility. In each account, we will deploy services needed for the application with AWS best practices.

We configured DataDog alerts, which allow us to respond to security and operational events using CloudZone’s MSP teams.

The Results

Our designed solution enabled The Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority to launch the DNC system to customers. Since we designed the solution with CloudZone’s Landing Zone, the solution is scalable and may support the FTA’s future expansion workloads.