Missed Out On AWS Summit Madrid? We’ve Got Your Back.

‘Action-packed’ and ‘knowledge-filled’ would accurately describe our AWS Summit Madrid experience. For us at CloudZone, this was especially meaningful, since after 10 years of leading the Israeli market, we have launched our branch in Iberia earlier this year to support customers in Spain and Portugal. AWS Summit Madrid was our first official event since launching to this region. The CloudZone team, led by GM of CloudZone IL Adi Heinisch and GM of CloudZone Portugal, Nuno Tavares, had great fun attending sessions, participating in discussions, and networking at our booth. 

In between sessions, we caught up with our hardworking  team to ask them about their highlights from AWS Summit Madrid, the impact of launching to the Iberian market, and their top must-know takeaways from the ultimate tech extravaganza of the year:

Bringing a New Cloud Partnership Model
to Iberia

“The culmination of a lot of work and the beginning of an exciting road ahead,” is how our GM of Portugal, Nuno Tavares, describes launching CloudZone to the Iberian Market at AWS Summit Madrid. The event was tremendously important to confirm that there is a meaningful match between what our customers want from an AWS partner and what we have to offer to help scale their businesses, said Nuno. 

Most importantly, CloudZone is bringing a differentiated business model to this market: No additional costs, no limits and no attachments. “This model will allow our customers to focus on their business and work alongside us to maintain and scale their businesses,” explained our GM of Portugal. CloudZone Business Director João Sena Carvalho felt the excitement in the air: “The excitement we felt from AWS teams, ISVs, Startups, DNBs when talking to us. They felt that our model is very disruptive and we are here to help them grow.” When asked about the future of the region, João had big expectations: “This is a market that is moving very fast to achieve a higher maturity level. We have a lot of people willing to do more and we are in the spotlight of investors.”

But with great growth, come great challenges, and the CloudZone team is here to help digital native companies conquer them. “There is a point in time when companies need to focus on growth and not on technology. This allows them to develop new business without investing time or resources to maintain and evolve the technology that supports the business,” said Nuno Tavares. But fret not – because there’s help on the way: “That’s exactly where we can help. We are our customers’ trusted Cloud co-pilot, providing strategic, technical and FinOps guidance. Adding our technical expertise with our growth co-pilot track-record.”

João agrees and drives the point home: “With our help, you can focus on the things that really matter to your business: Vision, strategy, sales, etc.”

Spreading the FinOps Culture

One of the key highlights for our team was the FinOps session by CloudZone’s very own  Solutions Architect Tech Lead and Senior Data Solutions Architect, Danny Farber and Elad Rabinovich. In their session, they  unpacked how to leverage the power of AWS cloud with CloudZone FinOps Framework. We caught up with them to make sure you don’t miss the key takeaways, even if you couldn’t make it to the Summit.

FinOps is such an important topic, can you recap a few key points from your session which growth-stage startups should absolutely not miss?
Elad: “How we store our data today will have a direct effect on data consumption in the future, both in performance and in cost.”
Danny: “Companies should closely pay attention to control over costs and usage of the Cloud resources, cost Optimized for the startup workload, continuous monitoring of  costs and usage, and lastly, proactive alerts for Cloud consumption and cost peaks.”

How does CloudZone help tech companies implement FinOps culture and why is it so important?
Elad: “Our world is moving fast, so do companies and startups. Sometimes during this fast development, the focus on FinOps is neglected, and is only revisited later on, once the bills start hurting the company’s budget. At that point, converting the infrastructure or relevant services to something less costly can  become a real challenge.
That’s where we at CloudZone come in. With our extensive FinOps expertise,  we can guide our customers to reduce future costs while keeping their focus on their product.”
Danny: “One of the most relevant aspects of FinOps culture is to avoid any unexpected cost. That motivates the importance of having FinOps culture and best practices implemented accordingly.”

What is a new technology or methodology you’re excited to help CloudZone customers implement?
Elad: “The Data-Mesh concept  is helping organizations make their data into a central product to share across the organization.”


What Else? Here Are Our Team’s Favorite
AWS Summit Madrid Highlights:


1. Business acceleration and transformation are the AWS agenda

As the pace of the world increases, leaders of all companies are looking for ways to innovate faster to accelerate their business. Day 1 featured more than 20 CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, founders, professors, authors, and work futurists from various industries. They discussed challenges facing leaders and companies around the world today while developing new strategies to respond to the pandemic – and build the future. 

‘Accelerating your business with new technological trends in the Cloud’ was a favorite among the day’s tracks, where event attendees gained deep insight into maximizing the value of their business with AWS and achieving profitability in the Cloud. 

2. For current and aspiring founders, the AWS Startup Loft was the place to be!

The AWS Startup Loft offered a space dedicated to highlighting the innovation of some of the most successful startups in Spain. Attendees got to:

  • Hear how AWS plans to support startups on their journey to the cloud.
  • Attend specific sessions for startups.
  • Learn how to implement innovation mechanisms in the investment ecosystem in Web 3.0.
  • Discover the AWS programs for startups, and how to start using them now to start building and growing.
  • Participate in a networking session at the Founders Bar, where they had the opportunity to meet investors and other startups that attended the AWS Summit Madrid.

3. For the first time, Cloud optimization is shifting the Iberian market 

The Cloud is rapidly promoting innovation within tech companies throughout Iberia. Many of these organizations use AWS to drive cost savings and accelerate innovation to fuel their business mission. 

At AWS Summit Madrid, attendees were able to learn about the extraordinary commitment of AWS in Spain with the digital transformation of various organizations. Spanish and Portuguese entrepreneurs can now enjoy access to professional resources and reliable solutions that will fuel business growth by maximizing AWS Cloud benefits.

4. Working with a Cloud reselling partner is a globally successful model 

CloudZone helped event attendees understand the immense benefits of working with a cloud reselling partner. We unpacked: 

  • How to regain control of your Cloud costs and budget.
  • How to accelerate and optimize your CDN consumption, reducing it by 60%.
  • How to  gain useful business insights from our Cloud Lakehouse Best practices.
  • How to get 360° support for your 24/7 production needs. 

We had a blast meeting new contacts and old friends at AWS Summit Madrid! With so much potential in the Iberian Market, we are excited to build the future with our new partners. Visit our website to learn more.


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