Streaming databases for Cloud analytics

Watch our webinar with AWS to hear us share valuable lessons about capturing and streaming data when transitioning from on-premise Oracle databases to a Cloud data warehouse, using AWS DMS and Glue.

Your data holds the key to better decision-making. But, how do you transition data located in different silos to a single location, so that you can leverage the insights within?

In this webinar we will:

  • discuss the various considerations involved in the process of streaming Oracle databases to a Cloud data warehouse
  • review the options offered by Oracle’s CDC, and how stream compares to batch
  • review AWS’s DMS and Glue, and how these services can be used to create a real-time data pipeline from an on-premise Oracle database to a Cloud data warehouse

Elad Rabinovich, Data Engineer, CloudZone
Haim ben Hayim, Business Development Manager, CloudZone


Samples form the Webinar:

״AWS Glue version 2.0 features Spark ETL jobs that start 10x faster. This reduction in startup latencies reduces overall job completion times, supports customers with micro-batching and time-sensitive workloads, and increases business productivity by enabling interactive script development and data exploration.״

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