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  • A Global Leader in Cybersecurity

    Trend Micro helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information, by leveraging over 30 years of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation to enable resilience for businesses, governments, and consumers.

    Trend Micro Cloud One – a security services platform for organizations building in the Cloud – delivers the broadest, deepest and most powerful Cloud security offering, in a single solution. It can be implemented in on-premise, virtualized and Cloud environments.


    The Trend Micro Cloud One suite of solutions includes:

    • Workload security – seamlessly defending your AWS workloads and containers against threats, malware and vulnerabilities
    • Conformity – providing security and compliance posture management, to help you uphold your shared security responsibility, and compliance requirements
    • Container security – delivering automated build pipeline container image and registry scanning
    • Network security – automating actionable security for virtual private Clouds (VPCs) and Cloud networks by simplifying network security in the Cloud, while maintaining the ability to inspect ingress and egress traffic
    • File storage security – protecting workflow through innovative techniques, such as malware scanning, integration into your custom workflows, and broad Cloud storage platform support
    • Application security – simplifying how security is delivered in a significant shift for application developers who need immediate, real-time protection for their apps and customers


    • Secures Cloud infrastructure with clarity, flexibility and simplicity, without slowing down business or application delivery
    • Supports all major public Cloud platforms (Azure, GCP, AWS)
    • Integrates directly into your DevOps processes and toolchain

    Trend Micro and CloudZone

    Having being fully trained and certified by Trend Micro’s global team, CloudZone’s tech team can leverage end-to-end professional organizational security solutions to enhance our customers’ digital transformation and cyber security. 

    User Profile

    The Trend Micro Cloud solution is relevant for customers who are using AWS, Azure and GCP elastic cloud services and storage services.