Snowflake is an easy-to-use global platform for all data and essential workloads, providing boundless, seamless data collaboration. Offering performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability, this fully-managed service eliminates data silos, enabling workloads to be run from a single platform. Snowflake can be implemented in SaaS environments.


Looker’s core capabilities include:

  • Data engineering – simple, reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice
  • Data lake – access, performance, and security for your data lake
  • Data warehouse – analytics at scale on all your data with near-zero administration
  • Data science – simple data preparation for modeling with your framework of choice
  • Data applications – build data-intensive applications without operational burden
  • Data sharing – share and collaborate on live data across your business ecosystem


  • Enhanced competitive advantage, resulting in business growth
  • Reduced administration, resulting in lower costs
  • Better management of organizational risk
  • Over 600% return on investment
  • Faster time to product roll out
  • Reduced effort for IT support team
  • Snowflake’s solutions can be deployed on any public Cloud

Looker and CloudZone

Working with Snowflake take us to every industry out there. Leveraging Cloud infrastructure, we are proud to complete different types of data-driven project, with Snowflake integration by CloudZone.

User Profile

Snowflake is relevant for companies implementing any type of data-driven projects, from all aspects – data science, data applications, data warehouse and more – aiming to power a near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads.