Mongo DB

MongoDB is the world’s most downloaded database, and most popular within the developer community. It offers best-in-class automation and proven practices that guarantee availability, scalability, and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards. MongoDB can be self managed on premise, in hybrid or in the Cloud, or be fully managed on AWS, Azure or GCP with the MongoDB Atlas multi-Cloud service.


The Mongo DB ATLAS offers the following:

  • Multi-Cloud clusters – transparently distribute your database across 75+ regions in three Clouds
  • Atlas online archive – automatically tier your data, based on performance requirements
  • Atlas search – fast and powerful relevance-based search on top of our data
  • MongoDB Realm – rapidly deliver best-in-class mobile applications
  • Atlas Data Lake – unlock the value of your data with a serverless data lake
  • Data Infrastructure as Code – integrate Atlas with Terraform for easy provisioning, management and manipulation of your data Infrastructure as Code


  • Over 40% development time saved compared to relational databases
  • No compromises compared to relational database management systems – globally-distributed ACID transactions, Secondary Indexes, and more
  • Run anywhere – apps can be moved from on premise to multi-Cloud on AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Fully-managed service with MongoDB Atlas – no need to learn tools to operate the database
  • Multi-purpose – responds to over 95% of the most-required use cases

MongoDB and CloudZone

Integrating and leveraging the advanced MongoDB database is a capability that enables CloudZone to provide a significant spike in performance.


User Profile

MongoDB Atlas is relevant to customers who are using MongoDB in its Community version; DB2, Oracle, Postgres or equivalent with a need for business agility or Cloud migration; AWS DocumentDB or Microsoft CosmosDB (less feature-rich MongoDB emulations).