Enterprise Multi-Cloud Launch Program

Supporting your Cloud journey, whatever stage you are at.

Organizational Onboarding

To ensure that your organization has the right structures and culture in place to facilitate a successful move to the Cloud, we create a roadmap covering four key elements:

  • Adapting IT services to the hybrid environment
  • Moving applications to the Cloud (Find out how CloudZone migrate Netflix’s platform to the cloud)
  • Establishing a CCOE (Cloud Center of Excellence) to ensure your organization’s readiness for the transition
  • Cloud training and capability-building programs for your personnel.
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Security and Privacy Compliance

We conduct a thorough review of the various tools and controls – native or third-party – that your organization needs in order to implement and adapt to the Cloud environment.
This stage involves:

  • drafting a policy document that defines and directs the Cloud migration process
  • ensuring compliance with regulations related to privacy and information security
  • managing risk in the Cloud transition
  • adapting your organization’s information security architecture.
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Infrastructure Launcher

Creating an inclusive infrastructure environment, we enable you to easily upload your projects and systems to the Cloud, subject to organizational policies and standards.

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Dev Launcher

Once the first three stages above are in place, we deal with three main issues:

  • optimizing use of the Cloud in your new Cloud applications
  • migrating existing systems to the Cloud
  • giving you hiring flexibility and maximizing collaboration between all your development suppliers, services, systems and resources – whether internal or external – by leveraging the Cloud to create a shared environment in which they work according to the same policies and standards.


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Financial Management

Our innovative concept of VOI (Value of Investment) is a broad measure of ROI that takes into account business metrics such as reputation, time to market, agility and opportunity for innovation. This is achieved through the continuous implementation of Cloud financial operations (FinOps) to ensure efficient and effective utilization of Cloud computing capabilities in the pursuit of your organizations broader business goals.

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