AWS Outposts

A global launch partner

CloudZone is proud to have been selected as a global launch partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts, capable of enabling AWS Outposts within highly regulated organisations, that want to move to the cloud but have strict latency and data security policies.



What is AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is fully managed and supported by AWS. Your Outpost is delivered, installed, monitored, patched, and updated by AWS. With Outposts you can reduce the time, resources, operational risk, and maintenance downtime required for managing IT infrastructure.

AWS Outposts seamlessly extends the existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking and common APIs within client premises. This significantly reduces the complexity and investment required to run and maintain hybrid environments

As an AWS Premier partner, CloudZone’s exclusive perspectives on the product roadmap suggests a much wider ecosystem of services that will be available shortly, unlocking even the most sophisticated of workloads. AWS Outposts has a strong focus on security, with features such as built in physical encryption.

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Technical Benefits

  • Cloud Zone

    Local Data Processing

    For apps that require very large amounts of data processing

  • Cloud Zone

    Regional Computing

    Low latency services to be deployed into regional areas

  • Cloud Zone

    Low Latency Connectivity

    For workloads that are highly latency sensitive

  • Cloud Zone

    Consistent Experience

    A consistent API allowing automation systems to be seamlessly extended into the hybrid environment

Industry Use Cases

Financial Services

Opening regional centres in regions not currently serviced by an existing region.
Remote processing for applications requiring processing at a counterparty, without the need for complex networking and peering arrangements.


Image processing of vast amount of medical data in the local facility and apply machine learning models directly to large diagnostic data sets as they arrive.
Manage data compliance – Sensitive patient records can be processed locally without leaving the existing facilities, aiding data compliance.


Customer compute options – Provide AWS services directly from regional exchanges and existing data centre estates.
Low latency voice applications for applications requiring very low latency connectivity, an AWS Outpost can be deployed close to the customer edge, or key contact centres.

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Featured Case Study #Hybrid

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Future Services

Amazon S3 for AWS Outposts will be available in 2021 for local object storage on Outposts.

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts delivers a fully managed VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on AWS Outposts infrastructure on premise

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