Serverless Application for Super-Pharm

About Super-Pharm.

Super-Pharm is the largest pharmacy chain store in Israel that is operated by franchisees. Since opening its first store in 1978, the company has grown to include 280 stores located throughout the country, with overseas branches in Poland.
Super-Pharm is building a new integration layer between drugstores and medical institutions. The goal of the project is to provide the endpoint for pushing highly-sensitive data to Super-Pharm facilities in a secure and productive manner.


Super-Pharm had several types of forms and images that should be sent to and processed. The maximum amount of data to be sent was limited to 5MB, due to their document system being on-premises. With 250 locations and an immense amount of documents, this posed a big challenge.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge, CloudZone provided Super-Pharm with a serverless solution architecture, allowing staff members across all 250 locations to easily upload documents and increase efficiency.

CloudZone implemented an API gateway that provided an AWS environment with SSL certificate installed over it. The Lambda functions process the received JSON documents and place the files into a specified S3 bucket, where they will be taken by Super-Pharm on-premise server via SQS queue.

The Results

Our designed solution enabled Super-Pharm to launch the system while meeting the project’s KPIs. Since we designed the solution as a serverless application, the TCO was reduced by 65% when compared to equivalent server-based solutions.

Nir Ben-Zion, IT & Cloud Director @Super-Pharm:

“Working with CloudZone enabled us to launch a serverless solution architecture that meets our unique needs, all while still meeting this project’s KPIs. In the time since this launch, we’ve seen our TCO drop by 65%! Thanks to CloudZone, we’re confident that the highly-sensitive data of our customers is received and processed securely.”