Migrating Netflix’s platform to the Cloud

YES is a leading provider of satellite TV broadcast services in Israel.
Their constant innovation of services and quality has put YES on the front line of broadcast technology.
YES offers a variety of packages to over 500,000 customers.

The Challenge

YES needed to add the Netflix application to their customers home receivers. This would make it easy for their customers to access Netflix directly from their receiver. YES’s main goal was to deploy a cost-effective, high-preforming cloud infrastructure to host the app.

In order for YES to meet the Netflix API specifications, they needed to design a secure and highly available solution. They had a short time to market target and needed expert help to bridge the learning curve and deliver a turn-key solution. Another request from YES was for CloudZone to manage the environment for them after the launch so they can focus on their on-perm environment.

The Solution

CloudZone provided YES with a serverless solution architecture to address their needs. Using native AWS services made the solution work seamlessly. Our team at CloudZone setup a dev and prod environments to enable the application developers to test and deploy their code in a CI\CD pipeline using CodeCommit. We used API Gateway to create, manage, and secure the API. Our team relied on AWS lambda functions to handle authorization and API calls, and AWS Fargate to deploy the application in a secure and scalable way. We used SSM and CloudFormation to manage the environments infrastructure. We configured CloudWatch and CloudTrail alerts that allow us to respond to security and operational events using CloudZone’s MSP teams.

The Results

Our designed solution enabled YES to expand service offerings for their customers. Since we designed the solution as a serverless application, the TCO was reduced by 70% when compared to equivalent server-based solutions.