AWS Networking Best Practices

How to achieve Optimized AWS Network & Security?

In this meetup, we presented our AWS best practices based on the recently introduced network components and how you can use new network resources and features, and capabilities to your advantage. All this and more will be illustrated through a selection of common scenarios:

  • Network solutions for secure ingress and egress traffic routing
  • VPC structure and CIDR management for tiered application or Kubernetes
  • Transit Gateway integration with RAM, VPN, AWS Firewall
  • AWS networking management with IaaC tools
  • Case studies and lesson learned


Itay Mesika, DevOps Engineer @ CloudZone, with almost 10 years experience as Network & Security Engineer, AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialist and Architect
Haim Ben Hayim, Business Development Manager @CloudZone

Target Audience:

 VP R&D, CTO, DevOps, IT and Network Engineers 

Hebrew speaking experts can watch the webinar here:


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