Unlocking Intelligent Insights at scale using BigQuery and Looker


Watch our webinar with Google cloud to learn all you need to know about how BigQuery and Looker combine to analyze unstructured big data populated in the public Cloud, and generate actionable insights that you can use to drive your business.



Webinar Agenda:


Haim Ben-Hayim
, Business Development Manager, CloudZone

Unlocking intelligent insights at scale
Mor Braf
, Data Engineer, CloudZone

  •          Becoming a data-driven organization as a key to business growth
  •          Repercussions of on-premise solutions
  •          Modern data warehouses in a Cloud environment
  •          BigQuery – strengths and key features

BigQuery Consumption Rate
Ran Gat, Account Manager, Google Cloud Israel

BigQuery & Looker: Better together
Craig Arrigan
, Account Manager, Google Cloud Looker


Samples form the Webinar:

  • Organizations able to quantify their gains from analyzing big data reported an average 8% increase in revenues and a 10% reduction in costs. That  is an amazing fact that reinforces data essentiality.
  • Gartner assumptions  (2020):
    • By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5% ever considered return to on-premises.
    • By 2023, cloud preference for data management will reduce the vendor landscape while the growth in multi-cloud increases the complexity for data governance and integration.

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