JenkinsX on AWS


JenkinsX is an open source opinionated way to do continuous delivery with Kubernetes, natively,
without worrying too much about the underlying infrastructure.

by iftach schonbaum



  • Hello Jenkins X, Bye bye Jenkins?
  • JenkinsX as a microservices app and its BOM.


Jenkins X

  •           JX Boot
  •           Applications & Add-ons
  •           Preview environments and promotion
  •           JenkinsX Pipelines & TektonCD
  •           Builders Build Packs
  •           Short Overview on Lighthouse (ChatOps), Kaniko (Image build) & Velero (K8s Backup)
  •           JXUI,  JX & JXL

Case study – lesson learned when migrating to JenkinsX on AWS

ping us for Jenkinsx intro 🙂