Why startups migrate to AWS?


Watch our webinar and learn all you need to know about  programs, funding for startups, and more.
You’ll also hear Moshe Mozes, Gamoshi Co-Founder and CEO, testimonial about a complex cloud migration recently completed successfully by our team.


Why Start-ups Love AWS

Gili Lichtman, Start-up Business Development Manager at AWS, will provide a high-level overview of the various programs and resources available for start-ups at AWS – both from a technical point of view, and in terms of business and go-to-market matters.


AWS Cloud Migration with CloudZone

Ori Tabachnik, Chief Revenue Officer of CloudZone, gave an overview of successful aws cloud migration projects, covering business, operational and technical benefits. Taking you step-by-step through an actual migration process, Ori will explain what CloudZone did to accelerate and implement AWS.

Gamoshi case study
Moshe Mozes, CEO & Co-fonder Gamoshi


“AWS and CloudZone guided us through their startup program to maximize the value we can achieve. When we started thinking about migration to AWS,  we were looking for a real partnership and guidance.

Moving to AWS is a complex challenge. Getting familiar with the wealth of services was not an easy task and I wanted a partner that can steer, guide and hold our hand throughout this process.

 CloudZone has dramatically shortened the research time,  helped narrowing down the wealth of alternatives, and lock down on the right services and tools to use.

CloudZone support enabled us to stay up and running 24/7 throughout the migration project.

CloudZone architects helped design a robust, sustainable and cost-efficient infrastructure in a very demanding ecosystem.

CloudZone’s deep experience in infrastructure, architecture, Kubernetes and big data was key to the success of our project.”


From the webinar:

  • Migrating to AWS whether it’s from on-premise or for another cloud vendor – it’s not an easy decision.You usually find yourself in a pretty challenging environment for awhile until you consider this move. What I want to do now is take you through the CloudZone blueprint of a successful migration project. What do we do to make you feel comfortable through every step of the way and how we help you to first evaluate and all the way to production environment in AWS.
    The first step you want to take, and that’s a non-binding step, is to schedule a migration discovery workshop with our team of experts…
    The deliverable from such a workshop is usually to understand the migration step we’re going to take and to get to an agreement that we do want to continue.
  • The next step will be the phase we call assessment. In the assessment we’ll go through a process we call “system review”. A system review is a set of sessions (3 to 8 sessions) where we basically analyze to details your exisiting architecture and product… and then we go ahead and we start designing your brand-new AWS architecture.
  • At the end we’re going to come up with 3 deliverables: an architecture design, well architected (=compliant to AWS well-architected framework). To your new architecture we’ll attach a TCO, a total cost of ownership, which is a very good estimation of the cost you’re expected to see once you move to AWS.


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