Security and Cost effectiveness


The Challenge


Powtoon began its AWS activity in around 2014, and has been growing with AWS since then. But, with this growth came a need to re-examine the environments and technology being used, and Powtoon’s ability to efficiently control costs.


The Solution


  • Cutting-edge technologies – consulting on and delivering a variety of workloads, taking into account Kubernetes and Istio to improve security and cost effectiveness.
  • Cost-effective environment and cost control – making proactive recommendations for reserved instance (RI) and savings plans (SI), and use of spot instances; using third-party tools to run cost-optimization reviews, analyze EC2 utilizations and EBS volumes; and implementing cost-optimization best practices.
  • Security compliance – consulting on selection of third-party tools to support Powtoon’s ISO requirements, including endpoint protection, central log management, application audit logs, data protection algoritms, Kubernetes security, infrastructure perimeter security, and evidence provided as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


The Result


“We’ve been collaborating with CloudZone for several years, and are happy to continue doing so,” says Simon Weil, Director of DevOps at Powtoon. “CloudZone is a great partner for starting, embracing, and implementing new, innovative technologies. They are our provider for consulting and support in everything relating to the Cloud, enabling us to focus more on our business.