Identify AWS misconfigurations

Continuity Software

The Challenge

When Continuity Software embarked on development of AvailabilityGuard NXG, a next-generation SaaS solution deployed on AWS, it faced a significant challenge of identifying common misconfigurations and critical reliability risks in AWS environments. A secondary concern was how to refactor its current monolithic applications and create a Cloud-native microservice architecture and a cost-effective SaaS. Finally, the company hoped to leverage CloudZone’s experience and customer engagements to enlarge its own knowledge base.

The Solution

  • AWS best practices – helping client R&D team grow their knowledge-base of misconfigurations related to a variety of AWS services across the multi-Cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Application modernization – consulting on application deployment architecture using AWS well-architected framework.
  • DevOps services – providing dedicated DevOps resources to support the building of Continuity Software’s environment on AWS, including CI/CD pipeline and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) artifacts.
  • Security compliance – consulting on selection of 3rd party tools that met Continuity Software’s security requirements, including API audit logs, application central log management, application audit logs, Kubernetes Security, infrastructure perimeter security, and evidence provided as IaC.

The Results

“In CloudZone, we had a partner that was committed to our success, enabling us to focus on our core business while they supported the development of our new solution,” says Avi Aharon, Vice President, Head of Cloud Business at Continuity Software. “We are now positioned as the only company that is able to address resilience assurance needs in a hybrid, modern IT environment, giving our customers peace of mind knowing that as they make changes and upgrades to their IT systems, they can rely on our technology to ensure that there is no downtime, data loss or cyber resilience risks.”